Have you ever asked yourself the question “why do some people make a great life and some don’t?” Well the answer can be approached from many angles but for me the most important one may well have to do with the dialogue that goes on between your conscious and your subconscious minds. Notice I used the plural of minds and not the singular. For many people, there is a need to align their conscious with their subconscious.

So what is the difference between these two minds? A good way to get a bit of a handle on the two very different functions of your mind is to think of it as a garden. You are the gardener. All day long you are planting seeds of thought into your subconscious mind. Usually you’re not even aware that you’re doing this because the seeds are seeds of habit. And as you sow into your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body, your relationships, your career and your environment in general.

Think of your subconscious as a bed of rich soil. It will cause all sorts of seeds to sprout and flourish, whether they’re good or bad. If you sow weeds, can you grow fruit? If you sow thistles, can you harvest wheat? Every single thought you have in your conscious mind is a cause, and of course every condition you experience is an effect. This is why it is so important that you take control of your thoughts. That way, you life will only bear the fruit of desirable conditions.

If you think quietly and with conviction of peace, happiness, right action, goodwill and prosperity and accept them fully into your conscious and reasoning mind, you will reap a harvest of fruitful conditions.

As you look around you, you will find that the vast majority of people are concerned with the external world. How they dress, how they look, and what car they drive or how they sound to others. But enlightened people, those who are truly successful, are concerned with the inner world. They know that the world within creates the world without. Your thoughts, feelings and visualised imagery are the organising principles of your experiences. The world within is the true creative power of your experiences. Everything you find in your world has been created by you in the inner world of your mind, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Once you begin to learn and understand the truth of the interaction between your conscious and unconscious minds, you will then begin to transform your entire life. Your life and all that goes on in it is a result, an effect, of a cause-your thinking. If you want to change the effect or result then you must change the cause. Most people attempt to change the their conditions or circumstances by acting upon those same conditions directly. This is a total waste of time and energy. They fail to see that their conditions are a flow on from a cause, their conscious thinking. If you want to be rid of discord, confusion, lack, or limitation you must FIRST remove the cause. That cause is the way you use your conscious mind, the thoughts and images you encourage in it. Change the cause and you WILL change the effect. It really is that simple. It is an immutable law: the Law of Cause and Effect.

Your subconscious is very sensitive to your conscious thoughts. Those conscious thoughts form the matrix through which the Infinite Intelligence, Wisdom, vital forces and energies of your subconscious flows. Change the shape of that matrix into a more positive direction and you subsequently redirect those infinite energies to your greater benefit.Most of the great scientists, artists, poets, musicians, and inventors have had a deep understanding of it. It was this that gave them the power to accomplish their goals.

There was a time when Enrico Caruso, the great operatic tenor, was struck with numbing stage fright. Spasms caused by intense fear constricted the muscles of his throat. His vocal, chords felt paralysed and useless. He stood backstage, already in costume with perspiration poured down his face. It was only minutes to his going on stage to sing. While trembling terribly he said: “I cannot sing. They will all laugh at me. My career is finished!”

He turned to go back to his dressing room defeated. Then, al of a sudden, he stopped and shouted, “The Little Me is trying to strangle the Big Me within!”

He turned toward the stage again and stood taller. “Get out of here,” he commanded, addressing the Little Me. “The Big Me wants to sing through me!”

By the Big Me, I believe that Caruso meant the limitless power and wisdom of his subconscious mind. He began to shout, “GET OUT, GET OUT, THE BIG ME IS GOING TO SING!!”

His subconscious mind responded by releasing the vital forces within him and when the call came he strode out onto the stage and sang gloriously and majestically and as a result the audience was enthralled.

So you can see, your subconscious mind is reactive. It responds to the nature of your conscious thoughts. When your conscious mind is full of fear and confusion, the subconscious mind release its confusion of emotions. So if you speak affirmatively to your subconscious, with a deep sense of authority, you will take command over your irrational emotions.

It has been said: “My thoughts create my emotions and I am in control of my thoughts. Therefore I am in control of my emotions.”  You will see in the story I just related about Caruso, that he stood tall and believed himself to be confident. There is a saying in the acting world: “Fake it until you make it.” In other words, your physical demeanour will DIRECTLY effect your emotional state.

Affirm your state by first standing tall, then confidently stating positive affirmations and lastly by “walking” into your desired world. You are a creature of cause and effect because this world is built on cause and effect.

Until next time

Patrick Currie


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  1. Fantastic post Pat. I wish more people chose to think this way; Appear confident and people will believe you are confident – a useful tool I used after I first graduated. Cause and effect, great post!

  2. Reblogged this on thefreshmanexperience and commented:
    Pat does an excellent job of reminding us that we can control cause and effect. I enjoyed the story of Eric Caruso. I hope you do too.

  3. Jon says:

    I am so inspired by this article. Thank you!

  4. igorbilek says:

    Hi Pat. Just what I needed this morning :). Your garden analogy makes the information in this blog so much more readily available in my everyday life. Thank you 🙂

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